How the Dirty Bill cast and crew take a break...

RC- "...I found this sound check in the thick of editing and couldn't help myself. Our sound guy Jason Segal had to keep rolling with the actors (James Tyce, Casey Manderson). Pretty great reminder of the good times we all end up having in the middle of the work process.''

The only original cut...

RC- "'s the only original cut I've got of my first official effort. Just happened to dig a VHS tape out of a box during a big move. Anna Lynn's a bit cringe-worthy for me in a few ways... it's mostly the writing but I was just starting out. That being said, It's a great example of one of many reminders of areas of growth. Who knows how I'll feel in ten years about the stuff I'm doing now..."

The Random Dude...

RC- "...As far as a name or

brand, 'Random Dude' resonates with me when we're talking film and work. I've had my finger in so many pots over the past 14 years... It's just fits with how I see myself.  My path of experience dictates many positions or titles. I've been an actor for as long as I've been producing indie films. It's all valid and satisfying and learned a great deal from being on both sides of the camera."

The Hard Cut Trailer...

RC- "...It requires a ton of dedication and passion doing small projects. It seems that you're never done with them. After a few years of theatrical screenings in Canada and the United Kingdom, Our 2010 flick is only now live online for Video on Demand. Got to keep pushing them out there... Forever!"

A little film within a film within a web seires within a...

RC- "...we thought we'd go ahead and make the film within a film as a web series. Amazon will soon have THE HARD CUT blu-ray availale with the full Catholic Cheerleaders series as a special feature. It's an old 70's throwback horror... ton of fun and directly related to the feature."

...A little behind the scene's.

RC- "I think you always look back on things and think about how if you could race back in time and do it differently. Luckily that option is just fantasy, otherwise we'd erase all our mistakes get lazy and never learn anything."

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