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A #Throwback from a decade ago...



This 'poster' is actually a VHS Tape slip in cover. It was actually relevant to have this made when I did Anna Lynn... Whaaaat?

We've all got all got to start somewhere and this is where I began.


That being said, I made this wierd, campy horror short with some inspiration of a bad 80's After School Special that meets a Tales From The Crypt  episode... for 1200 bucks. The reality is that I didn't really have one thousand and two hundred dollars at the time but I made it anyway. Yikes.

Another weird thing is that I actually had to rent an editing studio 10 years ago. So I'm still grateful to all those people who worked on this for free as most of that tiny budget actually went to paying for that suite.

So you may ask "what have you learned about making a movie since then?"

Here's My top 5-

1-Never try to write 'high school girl' dialogue again because I was never a high school girl.

2-Whenever I think I'm 'Finished' with a screenplay, I think of this film and do 10 more drafts.

3-Listened to the little voice in my head that told me to take some screenwriting classes.

4-Always think twice about how I critique others and their work as this little throwback can  be "thrown back" at me.

5- Embrace all cringeworthy efforts and mistakes because that's how I learn... did I mention laugh at myself? Or would that make this a top 6?


Alright, in moving forward and by no small miracle it somehow became apart of an anthology indie Feature Hell Hath No Fury that was Official Selected for the FANTASIA FILM FESTIVAL in 2006 and is currently available in full on VIEWSTER.


I decided to post this #THROWBACK for fun and in honor of the Present meets the Past. Many Thanks to VIEWSTER for being a apart of both of my timelines.


My Current film DIRTY BILL OF HEALTH  has been Officially Selected for the unique 2014 Viewster Online Film Festival The 'Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid." themed shorts will be live during September 11-25! Please be sure to visit and VOTE and decide if you think I've learned anything ;-)



What do you get when- You mix two high school girls, a gardener who nuts about his flowers and the Spirited brother of a scarred gifted girl (who gets the movie named after her probably because she pants like a dog)?



A youtube upload of a VHS  tape copy of the only original cut of my first official no budget movie!

(P.S. -Don't worry... the fuzzy credit sequence doesn't last long.)

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