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Rob Carpenter

Random Dude Films is a new venture for Rob Carpenter moving into writing and directing original work. An alumni of University of British Columbia for screenwriting and a  fourteen year timeline producing independent films for the global film market.


As a Producer, a collection of five indie feature films on the global market with  independent film company CS Films lends an above average result for a small 'off the radar' studio in the current industry climate. The most recent feature film presentation The Hard Cut is now live online with Video On Demand in Spain (2014).


With continued and constant activity in the film community, last year began with jumping in with Shivers Film Society as one of the Board of Directors. A much needed film society that embraces and celebrates Canadian cult films and world cinema.


As per world cinema, Rob is an associate producer for the European film division Bravidio Giallo with two films (Reversed, Glass) currently in post production.


The first effort under RD Films Dirty Bill Of Health premiered with the FreakShow Horror Film Fest (Universal Studios Orlando, Florida) Halloween 2013. Continuing the festival circuit for 2014 including CanadaDrome Film Fest in Vancouver with more to come. Foreseeing an eventful year ahead with the addition of two feature scripts (Dementia!, The Stalk Ravens) in development written and to be directed by Rob.

RC- "Moving into another stage where my main focus is storytelling. I'm always excited by the creative process, even more so now as it feels like new ground again.  It's always a challenge, but I guess that's the point. In the end, It's the whole journey and working with a great team that I love. A good sense of humour is important and could never really take myself or any of it too seriously... considering the only thing or person I'm competing with these days is my former younger, know it all cocky self."

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