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Nadine L’Esperance is a filmmaker in the underground indie horror scene. Born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia she fell in love with horror as a very young child with the 80's horror genre. As she grew older she had great interests in art, photography and film. She spent 12 years as a television and movie extra with shows such as The Outer Limits and X-Files under her belt. This was a great learning experience for her future knowledge of film making. With a great DIY film making attitude and knowing how to creatively get around obstacles she will take the underground horror world by storm. Her biggest project is the award winning short No Pets Allowed which won many awards and got worldwide recognition.Her second hit was unexpected in award winning,controversial yet highly popular Granny Fuckers, which was a team effort with legendary Punk Rocker from the Dayglo Abortions Spud Hagen. She is known as the DIY punk rock John Waters. 

Kate Isaac was born in Sydney, Australia. After leaving a career in law, she decided to pursue her love of the arts. Currently residing in Vancouver (Canada) dedicating her time and energy to perfecting her craft as an actress, writer and musician. In Australia, she produced over 50 professional music videos and TV commercials.

William Carne is a busy indie Writer/Director/Producer with the upcoming feature film Relapse.
His feature film "Pneuma" (Allyson Grant and Jason Beaudoin) was recently nominated for 5 Maverick Movie Awards including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography and Best Actor. Other feature film productions under his belt include Valley of the Rats and Nutshells.


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